Beautiful Lanza engine

  • Hi guys. I have a 1991 French import DT125R with electric start. I just managed to get an okay deal on a used Lanza 230 engine and Ive read here that Calum has squeezed his in to his 125.

    The DT is pretty clean. Red with grey seat, but I've ordered a full set of Portuguese white plastics, new decals, just been and picked up a supermoto kit. Never worked on a DT before but done bits and bobs on a 31k RD350 and plenty of vespa bravo, ciao and super bravo peds. Not worried about work involved.... Yet.

    Any ideas on what mods need doing to get it in?
    The gent I bought it off had cut away a small part of his frame where the starter motor sits.
    Just about to gaskets etc from EBay right now for a little strip check before it goes back together and in.

    I have a CDI, Loom and standard exhaust. The loom doesn't look very good and will probably need a complete rewire.

    Have you guys found anywhere selling lanza parts other than Japan ebay? Postage isn't cheap and the amount I need will get import taxes too.

    Would the 125 loom work?

    Any help greatly appreciated

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    The question is.. DID @Calum put a 230 engine into his DT? 🤔

  • @mightyman Wasn't me that's for sure. It wouldbe a lot simpler to just buy a 230 and bolt my bits to it, I have a bike license so it's not like I need to hide anything. I think I am done with DT's now anyway. Time for me to move onto something else. Something new. The dream would be a YZF RD500 V4 YPVS swap. The dream.

    Sounds like a sweet project you got going on. So the Lanza is JDM only, so doubt you will get anything anywhere else.

  • @calum yeah thanks for that. Also have a full licence here. The YPVS RD350 I have is fun, but to be honest, around the doors not so much. It's got twin 36mm carbs and the powervalve pinned. No pulleys but I've left the servo motor there. Bottom end it has zero power, like 14bhp. Top is like 70 though, and when it hits is slams me back worse than anything. It has an RGV500 front end and TZ500 swing arm but still not nice and light like a DT.
    Shame to hear that your DT days are over. If you fancy some good slow fun at less than 100KPH I can't recommend a kinetic vespa more. So much tuning to be done even on stock engines and who doesn't look the bee's knees on a 2 stroke with pedals, right? No gears, just a vario and wheelies for days. Cost pennies too, not like these DTs

  • Never one to miss an opportunity soooooooo are you selling the red panels and are they in good condition? Good luck with the transformation BTW, should be interesting to follow progress

  • @dt125noob

    My Dad has two Vespas, on original and a PXE 200. Both are immaculate, but his original is just stunning.

    Not my sort of thing though.

    Currently working on an RS125, but am regretting this decision to have only worked on a 125. Wishing I dropped a 250 lump in it now. A lot of money has been spent on something that will only ever be a 125.

    I should have built this one bone stock, and spent the money on an insane 250 build.

    Fancy a Cagiva Mito Evo 2 next though...

  • Even the RS250 engine may have set you back 3k though... they cost ALOT now, last few years they have shot up more than any other stroker. I loved my foxeye'd NSR250. Never ridden the RS250 but love the engine from the RGV so in a lighter, sexier italin frame its a recipie for exitement.
    Exact same engine though so buy an RGV donor and save a fortune.
    Im keeping all the standard parts, for now at least, unfortunately. Was a huge mistake selling off the RD parts to fund the project. Now I have a hybrid bike that could be worth twice as much had I been able to change it back. I like it though. Suits ny style. Ill get a few photos up later. Even though its pretty grey, I'm sure they'll all look okay.

  • @dt125noob Ha, I never said RS 250 engine. RGV 250, TZR 250 or any other 250 twin I could get my hands hand.

    Even then, Rotax do a 250 lump that drops straight in.

    I just wish I put a little more thought into it. I'll enjoy having a classic 125 though no doubt.

    Yes please, lots of piccy's so we can admire the work!

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