• i have a 1991 yamaha dtr witch undergoing engine swap to the later 04+ engine my currently problem is i cant get it to stop running lol

    its using the dtre/dtx loom cdi so on no matter what i try i cannot get it to turn off without stalling the supposed kill switch wires do nothing ignition does nothing only thing that does is a white and blue wire coming from the stator not anywhere else on the loom

    has anyone any ideas before it gets scrapped lol

  • Does your side stand switch cut it?

  • What was wrong with the original engine out of interest, and why the change.

  • Sounds like you don't have it wired in properly. Can't see how you've managed that to be fair.

    Also can't see why you'd want to do this. Plenty of DTR engines about to choose from.

  • bought the bike like this with the engine already in the loom was a mess litrally wired to run ive replaced the loom and now i have complete loom seems to be unmessed with it starts and rides no problem just cannot turn it off without stalling it... kill switch does nothing side stand does nothing ignition does nothing it at all

  • @shellatit Sounds like it's been looped out then.

    Ultimately the wiring is pretty straight forward. But yours is a unique case and without seeing the bike it's pretty hard to say.

    It won't be anything to perplexing, but it's one of those things where you'd need to look at the problem to solve.

  • @Calum i guessed this but its working out what it is lol i just dont get how it runs and rides perfect just nothing working lol