DT 125RE sumo

  • So I've just made my first (of many i suspect) big-ish buy for my dt i picked up wheels and forks from a wr125x with a brembo front brake and a bottom yoke all for £180 which seemed good to me especially seen as i had no clue about the yoke and brake although i did have to buy a new front disc and it doesn't have a spindle and spacers for the front. ![0_1558389493200_IMG_7291.JPG](Uploading 70%) Any way i'm hoping to fit the wheels in the standard forks luckily i have an engineer friend to make me up a front spindle and spacers so should be able to make em fit when my disc arrives any tips for fitting welcome. Also i've been reading everything on this forum and i think a programmable cdi is what i want next but i was wondering if someone can explain to me the differences between the ignitech and zeeltronic to help me decide which one to get. cheers.

  • Depends who you ask, @Darty Just says go for the ignitech, it's £100 cheaper and does the same thing as the Zeel.

    I run Zeel on both my Aprilia and DTR and they're worth the money you pay, I'm sure I'd say the same about the Ignitech but be £100 better off!

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