Skins broken?

  • Doesn't matter whatever skin I'm usin, there is a huge white bar on top the page! Also it looks weird!

    Also can't reply at all... it just gives me a white page that have only red + sign at the right bottom of the page, and nothing else.

    If I use no skin at all, everything else is fine, accept I can't see subjects at all!

    Here are example... I painted few rows with mouse so that you can see, there are subjects, but subjects seems to have same color than background.

    alt text

    Tried with windows & linux and firefox & chrome...

  • Very bizzare this. I am getting this on my computer but not my tablet.

    Bare with me, It will be the weekend before I can investigate properly

  • I've upgraded the forum software and rebooted it.

    You may need to do something your end due to caching.

    You may need to clear your cache.

    On Firefox on a computer


    Find the last time you visited this site.
    Right click and press "Forget About This Site"

    Top Right
    "Clear Browsing Data"

    Sorry it's your fault for using such a poor browser...I'm sure it can be done but I don't use Windows so can't help you.

  • Okey, I did the "forget this site" but nothing changed... And as I told, I use WIN7 at work and linux at home, both act the same.

  • Hey, now I need to get back... After the post, I changed the skin to "default" and everything is normal as it have always been!

  • @jgr72 So you did say, I wasn't directing that at you at all. I aimed it at any future readers sorry.

    But my point still stands, why would you use IE lol.

    Yeah I really don't know why that broke and was at a loss how to fix it.

  • But my point still stands, why would you use IE lol.

    Who said I will? Absolutely hate it, and that's why I have installed firefox and chrome to my work computer...
    At home I haven't use windows for over ten years!

  • @jgr72 No one lol. I was saying it broadly speaking. Why do people still use it. And people do.

  • I have dualboot (win7 & xubuntu) in this (home) laptop, cause my stupid ipcameras need activex to show configuring page correctly... And another is VCDS that need windows also... That might be possible to run under wine etc, but I'm too lazy to make it work since I have to have that windows dualboot anyway... But I can't see other reason to use windows... Okey, playing games could be one...

  • @jgr72 I'm literally the same. Boot into Ubuntu if I actually want to do anything useful with my computer, then Windows if I want to play a game, becoming a rarity these days.

  • Why would you like to play in first place 🤣 Try to do something for your bike 😉

  • @jgr72 The bikes great but costs lots of money. Money I simply don't have. Gaming is great because it's cheap!

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