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    Happy new year to all,I wish you only good health, everything else can be gained more or less.

    @Calum Thank you for the existence of the forum.

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    @SpookDog Turns out if you run 421 pitch chain on a bike putting out nearly 30+ ponies, it's really only good for a few ride outs.

    Snapped 2 years ago, haven't ridden it since. Restoring it back to 520 pitch.

    Was rapid though, probably did like 500 miles on a chain which was probably only designed to do a single race 😉

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    @GiannisT No worries 👍 The XT springs/15W oil mod stiffens up the front end quite a bit, to make my YSS shock match the forks I had to up the preload 16mm over the supplied setting and run the rebound on position 29 out of 30. If I'm honest it made the suspension a bit too stiff for off-road (I weigh 145lbs), if I'd had more time I would have experimented with cutting 10mm at a time off the DTR spring spacers to get it just right.

    I had Michelin Trackers (road legal MX tyres) fitted all the time I ran this setup so can't comment on street use but it's a pretty easy mod to try and it sounds like you're looking for a stiffer front end, XT springs come up for sale quite a lot because a lot of owners upgrade them (too soft for the 160kg+ XT = a good match for the DTR). Would be interested to hear if it's good for Supermoto, plus if you still want to go the USD route it won't have cost you much to try it!

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    Make sure that the air waves are cleared on your bike, you don't seemed to have mentioned this.

    So there is nothing nasty blocking your intake solution. A quick, dirty, way to confirm this is to just remove the airbox to carb joiner and take it for a quick run. Sounds like it's running rich, so doing this should cause the bike to lean out. If it's only for a short time it shouldn't hurt. You just want to know if it's getting air.

    So check the airbox and renew the filter if you find that removing the boot fixes the issue.

    The other common problem is water getting into the exhaust expansion chamber. So cleaning the exhaust is really vital for a two stroke. I've seen this before where a bike was sat for a long time and the exhaust was full of fluid. The bike would refuse to run if this was the case.

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    Hi guys, i writing here after a long time ...... my DT run great with full giannelli exhaust and sumo tires but recently switched to enduros ( for technical inspection ) . Week ago i washed my bike and from that day it ran poorly so i bought new spark plug ( i had to ) , cleaned airfilter, cleaned carb and all el conectors and it runs good but not like it used to, if i WOT the second/ third gear it goes like crazy but if i WOT fourth/fifth gear if doesnt want to give that last powervalve kick ( downhill is alright, uphill is worst ) . I tought that it may be bad fuler/air mixture but the spark plug looks good.
    I really dont know whats wrong just want some advice.... : )

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    Hi guys, i own old 1988 DTR with round slide carb. Having trouble jetting it. Can someone help me find out where is it rich or lean.

    Current jetting is:
    Pilot 30
    Main 130
    Clip 3rd slot from the top.

    But since i could not find oem jets this is chinese jets and i have lot of smaller or bigger jets to try.

    Here is youtube video:

    Thank you.

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    @Calum That site is known even more year's!!!!!