• I will try and keep this updated and more readable plus add links. By all means shout out if anything is wrong or it's out of date.


    1. Get receipt with yours and sellers name on it, plus date and amount paid (preferably without the high transport costs and agent fees 😉 )
      Note: at the moment the date can be old (I've done receipts 18 months old, there are no fines like with the EU bikes done online)
    2. If the bike doesn't have the foreign logbook, get a dating certificate ordered early but remember VJMC say theirs are only valid 1 year)
    3. Download the form C384. Just google 'c384 import gov.uk' and fill it in.
    4. Scan or photograph, your filled in 1) C384, 2) logbook or dating cert and 3) receipt.
    5. Send an email to ecsm.nchcars@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk with the attachments from step four. Title your email something like 'Application for Nova joe bloggs' then give it a 'Dear Sir or Madame please find attached bla bla bla'
    6. You should get confirmation email saying wait up to 10 days (they are busy)
    7. Eventually you get a quote of duty and VAT to pay. Reply saying 'I agree', then sooner or later you get a bill from another department with payment instructions.
    8. Once paid, it should appear on DVLA's database within a few days and you get emailed a final 'satisfied' letter in your name. DVLA have never asked me for this but you could print off anyway and send with your V55/5 application if you want.

    Registration with DVLA

    Order yourself a V55/5 form here https://www.gov.uk/dvlaforms

    You will only be filling in about 1/3 of the form. The rest is for modern cars.
    The reason it's easy for our bikes is DVLA don't require an SVA test for vehicles over 10 years old or require the certificate of conformity like other countries do 🙂
    So on number 11. You write 'Exempt' and on the final page where it asks for the reason, you write 'over 10 years old'