Gap at bottom of crankcase

  • Need help asap. Ive got a dt 125 r 1997, got it for real cheap and it was looking abit rough. Anyway i spotted a small hole in the bottom of my engine and thought it was cracked so quickly sealed it up with a epoxy weld but now im told it was ment to be there? Is this true?

    Im too scared to start the bike and to scared to break the weld incase anything goes into my engine. What are my options and will it kill the bike if i ride it with it sealed what even is the hole actualy for?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance

  • The hole at the bottom of the engine is meant to be there.

  • I know that now lol but i thought it was a crack i need to know how to go about removing the weld without geting anything inside the bike or will it die if i leave it?

  • @onewheelupuk The hole at the bottom of the crankcase right?

    Pretty sure that's just to aid separating them when rebuilding the engine.

    It doesn't go into the internals, it doesn't act as a vent. So I don't see the problem leaving it as it is.

  • Ok cheers

  • I just retitled the thread to help others find it in the future. Saves me answering the same question over and over

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