• Right I'm having temp issues so just thought I would ask see if I'm running the right jet I've got a Athena 170 kit hand made exhaust blaster 200 reeds open air filter mikuni tm35 carb what jet would people recommend

  • How are you checking the plug? It should be under max load, so get the motor warmed up and to max load which is usually flat out and pulling against a slight hill for a few 100 metres and kill the motor, come to a halt and check the plug.

  • Yeah that's how I'm checking it

  • For a true reading get engine hot, swap a new correct rated plug in, start engine, straight away accelerate flat out up until 6th and ring it right to redline then kill the engine and coast to a stop. Pull the plug out and either turn the threads off the plug in a lathe or hacksaw the outer threads off to see the insulator insides colour.

  • Okay so still want to know what jet size should I be on roughly

  • @ryanjimccfc do a plug chop and find out which way you need to go and by how much. Haven't heard of anyone with that setup and impossible to tell without knowing your location, climate etc

  • Okay I'll Do a plug chop when I get chance they normally come out black because I premix and all ways
    Tend to do the mix a little rich to be safe I deffo think it needs up jetting tho