kmx or DT

  • was reading some of the older topics and there was a bit of handbag warfare going on over which was better the kmx or DT ,so I thought I would throw my penny's worth in. I have had 3 DTs 4 if you count the DT 50 . the first was a dt 125 mx which was as fast as my mates stock dt 125 lc , after passing my test I had a gpz 500 which I part x'd against a new kmx 200 which flew. pass on a few years I've had two stock dtr.s and another kmx 200 I know its another 75cc but it makes a difference would have loved to have gone against a DT 200 . the reason I want a DT is because there are a lot about and you can go mad with them . the kmx 200's are starting to go for silly money and you don't see to many DT 200.s about

  • Had a KMX200 way back when, as it was that or a Honda MTX200, and a 2 Stroke Honda just seemed wrong. Anyhoo, it went well and was a very good bike, however, in recent years, parts are hard to find and they don't seem as well supported as the Yamaha, both for new and used parts, therefore, a DT was a no brainer, esp with the likes of Zeeltronic making map changes easy.

  • I'd say comparing the 125's is a bit hand baggy warfare. But the bigger CC's tend to be owned by the more mature owner.

    Either way, you can't particularly go wrong. Anything other than the DT125R's are getting hard to come by. Don't see as many KMX 125's about.

  • KMX 125 local to me (East Cornwall) £1200

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