DVLA playing up

  • Well decided I would try and retrieve the full v5 log book for an old frame I have laying around as I plan to get the bike built up and on the road by the end of the year! I never received the log book back only had the new keepers form so I sent that off with some form nearly 2 months ago explaining to them I never got the v5 back and now only have the green slip which along with the form should entitle me to the full v5 free without having to pay £25 .. Anyway got a letter in from DVLA this morning asking for more information regarding the bike, there asking for photo evidence of the chassis number or a pencil rubbing of it ?? Anyone ever heard of this before and know why they might be asking? I've emailed them everything over that they have asked for so it should be all good or should I be worried ? They also asked for the previous owners address which I totally don't know anymore lol .

  • I've heard of them asking for a rubbing before Don't think u should be worried if u have every thing , last car we bought they never sent the log book through and we had to reapply didn't pay any thing but we didn't have to do a rubbing either

  • @mad73 it's strange as I've done the same thing countless times to and always ended up with the v5 no questions asked but this has left me curious now lol. I've emailed them clear pictures of the frame number and mot certificates and they have the green slip so pretty weird was worried incase someone had tried to clone the bike or something haha guess Ill just need to see.

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