spark, earth and stator capacitance

  • Hi All, Im new to the forum and looking for some help..... My son and I bought a DT125R from eBay that had electrical damage to wiring after someone had tried to steal it, mainly all wires ripped off the back of the rev counter and ignition. We reconnected all these (Correctly I have good basic knowledge and can use a meter to test a switch or for continuity) and tested all for continuity including ignition switch, dead mans switch etc, following Haynes manual wiring diagram DT-3RM9, bike actually has loom 3RM20. Anyway with the ignition switch in this e off position the bike has a spark !!!!, turning ignition on it sparks once then no spark (the ignition is definitely working, when switched on connects red and brown and also connects blue yellow to blue black (kill switch is shorted for now).... Mad or what.... most people cant get a spark we get one when we don't want one (by the way bike fully dismantled and not in state to run). I have checked every wire in the loom for continuity so I know these are all OK. The only thing missing from the bike is the reed switch and side stand switch, so I am thinking CDI is knackered or could it be something on the charging unit of the stator providing high voltage to the CDI and killing it, by the way I have checked the resistance on the Source and pulser coils and both are OK, I cant find anything that tells me how to check the lightening/charging coils (when I check continuity from the 4 way plug that connect to the coils I can see that all connections have a resistance to earth on the stator plate (all 4 wires)is this correct?.... Any and all ideas are most welcome, Thanks, Simon