• Welcome To Our New Forum!

    I would just like to say welcome to new, and existing, members of the DTR forum. We are hoping to migrate to this new forum and close our old forum down. So please feel free to start making new posts here and customising your profile as you see fit!

    If there is anything I can do to change this site please leave a message in the feedback section and I will try and make it happen!

    This site is still undergoing construction so don't be surrpised if at any time it's unaccessible, just try again in another 10-15 minutes time.

  • looks good pal..just little bit slow, but hopefully that will change 📄

  • Trying to figure out how to change my bloody profile pic an stuff!

  • Liam I've added a new thread on how to do this!


  • Computer has been upgraded.

    Still a few teething problems to iron out.

  • Great job on this mate!

  • @Seiki Good to see you on here mate!

  • When using I phone there is no back button . Have to click at the top of the page an go back to the homepage
    I found the old site much easier to use

  • The old site didn't even have mobile friendly site, instant messgae, which was highly requested, or SSL or even kept up to date.

    I appreciate it's new and different. But believe me when I say this site trumps the old site ten fold.

    As for the back button that is a flaw with the iPhone, not the forum. As I recall from my days on an IPhone double tapping the top bar cause the page to scroll to the top.

    And you don't have to scroll all the way up to the top mate. Just pull down slightly amd the navbar appears.

    I don't think you appreciate how much work has gone into creating this site. But I also appreciate this site seems a bit odd in places. It grows on you, you just have to use it.

  • new sites looking good man❗