P808WGP Story

  • Hi all, thought I'd post this on here seeing as I was apart of the original DT forums.

    I bought P808WGP aged 16, in 2013. I think I paid £1,100. I actually wanted a blue one, but this one popped up and was a reasonable price for a DTR at that period. And it had matching frame and engine numbers, which is fairly rare for DTR's, a lot are floating around with stolen frames and engines that are re-stamped, but I won't go into that.

    I bought it from Birmingham from an older gentleman (in his 40s easily.) And the bike had no performance, didn't rev right and had issues. Needless to say the top end was gone, but after replacing the top end it still had no power, the exhaust wadding in the silencer clogged it up and caused loss of power. I swapped the pipe for an Athena end can and a DEP expansion. Then the auto lube pump failed and as I began stripping the bike I realised an absolute moron had been let loose with a toolbox, someone put a long screw into the petrol tank to hold the casings on, and pierced a hole into it.

    I then dropped the engine off to Norfe (is he still on here?) and ended up respraying the frame and cleaning the bike up and I sourced a supermoto setup off another fella on here, I can't remember his username, but he had a DT with a unique livery.

    Here it is after getting the engine back from Norfe and building it back up, sadly I've lost all my photos I had of the restoration and how I had it originally, it was black with purple stickers with nothing changed apart from a DEP silencer.

    Athena end can and a DEP expansion, awaiting the supermoto mudguard I had for it.
    alt text

    alt text

    I used the bike daily, and ate up miles on it. It was actually quite reliable, I absolutely ragged the tits out of it every single day, I only warmed it up for 15 minutes slow riding, then hammered it everywhere.

    But when you don't respect things, and have a shed leaking water which turned the frame into a rotten piece of s**t.

    I then took these exact pictures, put it on eBay as spares and repair as it kept heat seizing and was on its final cylinder rebore, and me passing my driving test and having a car, the DT was no longer wanted.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    I sold it in Leicester, to a trader from Clacton-On-Sea, for the grand total of £640. The engine could well of needed more work than just a topend though, I genuinely never stripped it apart before selling it. I sold it in a sorry state.

    I'm now 23, awaiting my 24th birthday to get my A license and get legal on a big bike. I sold it in 2016 aged 20.

  • Yo welcome back

    No haven't seen norfe in years.

    Frames are pretty solid. I am sure it could have been restored nicely.

    You know it's whereabouts now?

    What you thinking of getting now.

  • Not got a clue where it is now, think with DT's is people will travel far & wide to buy them. I'm after a 600 now, probably a ZXR 600 or something sporty.

    Nath and Ross (TSUK94) no longer on here either?

  • @DTRLuke forum is quiet these days, just a few gear heads left.

  • @Calum

    DT's have rocketed up in value, and not many 16-17 year old's can afford them. A lot of them are bought as mid life crisis's from when they were 17.

    And most 17 year old's with good money will go out and buy a KTM 125 EXC, much more bike for £1,000 ish more than a DTR.

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