Yamaha DTX 125

  • Hi

    first of all, sorry for only creating my dtx125 post today, since this is a forum mostly about yamaha dtr/dtx bikes. Some of you may noticed, i have post's about my italian bikes, but i promised i would create one for my little dtx125, that i own since i was 17year old ( im 23).

    i will not post much here, because this bike will be in standby for indeterminate time and i dont understand of mechanics to make the things on my own. i have a big big project for my RS250, and it will take all my cash available for bikes in the future.

    BUT, i have a brand new box with Kit Athena 170cc in my garage, ready to be installed when i want.

    here she is
    alt text

    about the bike:

    • 2009 model
    • stock engine with stainless steel exhaust by Romeu Henriques (Portugal), i have a spare one with damaged crank i guess. that one will be used for athena kit.
    • leo vince silencer from yz125. (just for the looks, i love that silencer. not the best in performance)

    basically, its a stock dtx. i dont plan to change much things in the bike. only on the engine 😄

    thats it, hope you like it! and sorry about my english

  • Hey lovely.

    Yes, that's an....interesting silencer. Not convinced on its performances for a smoker. Looks more like a banger exhaust.

    But lovely bike nonetheless!

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