Loud rubbing noise

  • So yesterday I had my 2006 dt 125 r running after a few weeks and after 45min ride the bike started to do this loud noise like something was rubbing and the bike instantly started to slow down, the noise I think it was coming from the fly wheel area, and when it happened if I turned of the bike and still had the tyres spinning it wouldn't stop unless the bike fully stoped, so I guess is something related to the fly wheel or the chain it self. As well if I was in neutral pressing the clutch it’s fine but once I released it it started to do again a noise, if that isn’t related to another issue, which I think it comes as well from the fly wheel area) and once I press it again it stops.
    After looking to the bike for 10min the noise luckily stoped and I managed to take my bike home like if nothing had happened, the bike didn’t lose power and ran mint on the way to my house, but I’m afraid if I do ride it for longer It will happen again and I’m going to get stuck somewhere far from my house!
    Any ideias on what it might be ? Thank you!

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