• dtr125 Yamaha, year 2000 approx..
    2 main question's both related to electrics:
    question 1 is there a 6 pin ide that work plug and play, coil sender, coil pick up and mainly dose the generator for the ignition circuit put out ac or dc ,plus would a advance and retired screw be needed.
    question 2. 2 coils and 3 wire for the lighting and charging set up can be moddded to run a led main light. would I need a ac to dc converter then a dc to dc voltage bost up to 39v to run say a 100w led unit.

  • got ignition circuit running ok, using old dt ecu and cutting out unused wire but would great to know ac or dc plus voltage given by coil or dose ecu have a built in regulator.

  • seams the lighting and charging coil has 3 wire and a neg.
    this means it 3 phase or just ac .
    best to just use one coil, lighting coil and forget about charging as I have no battery and don't want one.