Two Stroke Performance Tuning by Graham Bell

  • So I will no way shape or form endorse piracy, after owning the book myself. I went out and bought this after reading a few pages of this PDF. This was posted on the last forum by Ralzy and I'm reposting it. It's a really good book and I encourage tinkerers alike to go out and get a copy.
    Hiya lads interesting book on performance tuning 2 Strokes. Worth a ganders if your into tuning smile

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    Fully revised this book takes the reader through the various modifications that can be made to a two-stroke engine and its components to give maximum useable power output and mechanical reliability. All areas of engine operation are explained and analysed, from air and fuel, through carburation, ignition, cylinders, porting, reed and rotary valves and exhaust systems to cooling and lubrication, dyno tuning and gearing. It includes new material on the latest advances in porting, reed valves, exhaust valve digital controls, carburettor design, engine cooling techniques and synthetic lubricants.