• Hi there all!! I have just joined this forum.im in a bit of a pickle I bought a koso db-01r didgital clock with the cable drive adapter all fitted nicely with no issues. But now I can't determine the speed as you got to programme it all in just wondering if any of you guys have experienced or have one of these clocks and can give me some guidance to get the right speed ? Thanks for your time and hope to hear from someone soon

  • Hello there,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I have not had any experience with Koso clocks. The way I have set up aftermarket clocks before is to do 30mph clocked using a GPS. The set the Koso clocks so that it matches 30mph.

    If that's a possibility or not.

  • I have read up about what you have just said and that is an option but I don't have a sat nav the only way I can do it is get some sort of an app on my phone to get the speed correct. Just thought I'll try on here just to see if I had any luck lol. But if not I'll have to go with your advice callum thanks buddy

  • @ashley1989 To be honest, That's how I did it. Held the phone in one hand and looked at the clocks to speed match. Adjusted the variables accordingly until the speeds matched. Private road of course 😄

  • Yh going to have to do that what a head ache lol. But thanks @Calum gonna go try it now haha