• Right i've always had problems with the head gasket on my bike, i started off with a cheap one which i believe warped my head. So i skimmed the head and put an athena gasket on. This was still blowing and that engine went bang. So i bough a new engine and it still had a cheap white gasket, however it had not been blowing until recently. The old engine only had a 3bn head anyway so i took my 3mb head and skimmed it again and i'm ready to put it on now but i've got an option on a headgasket, shall i go for a genuine yamaha or try out the copper head gasket? I've always heard about the copper gaskets but never tried one myself, what are everyones opinions on them?

  • @ConnorDTR watching thisnpost with interest. I skimmed my head and cylinder and used an Athena gasket and its still putting bubbles in the radiator. My next one will be a genuine yam one or copper if you have success with that. Keep me posted with the results if you go copper.

  • Never had a problem with Athena gaskets. They are used on my Starlet necessary when trippling the power output of the old engine.

    Sounds like either not fitting correctly, or head and barrel not skimmed properly.

    Fitting means retorquing after running the temperatures.