• Please use this section to post problems that you are having with your accounts.

    Due to the amount of people that private message me asking how they should fix their bike, I have been forced to disable chat messages from people I don't follow.

    I am not trying to be funny/rude.

    But I'm not here to diagnose faults.

    I love helping out, but me telling people over a private message does not help other people with the same issue. Instead, they ask me, which means I then have to tell X amount of people, the same thing.

    That's not what this forum is about.

    If you have a bike related problem, post it in the relevant section!

    If I know the answer, I'll reply.

    But we have people on here who also know the answer. And I want pages to be filled with these answers, in the hope that one day, all you have to do is search for it.

    Posting keeps the forum alive, it keeps the members engaged.

    So I am not blocking people out of spite, I am simply allowing the forum to grow as it should.

    Use this space to post issues with your accounts. I know people have used private messages to deal with those types of issues, which is a much more appropriate.


  • I will get it sorted as soon as possible bud.

  • @andrew1680 Andrewp1680 Does not exist so that's why you can't log into that account.

    You can create that account, or I can rename your account. But that's why you can't log into it.

    You should be fine to log out of your current account and back in.

  • its me again calum andrew1680 I logged out and it wouldn't let me log back in so if you wanna just delete that account I will just continue with this 1 ive had to set up a new email to link this profile too so just as well continue as I am, thanks for the help really appreciate it