• Hi Calum , just done a post and noticed that we don't have an edit facility unless I missed it , and having a quick look round don't see a PM facility , just a thought as I have at times found both to be useful

  • And just had a look at putting a mug shot up in my profile and it took me years to get used to puting pictures up from my Flickr account to now not be able to use it , is it me ??

    now just testing

  • so why did it not work in the mug shot ??? and come to it why does it show the [img] before and after the photo it doesn't on other forums and didn't on the old site I don't think just looks a bit naff thats all

  • So Eddy, on this new site Nodebb will take care of images for you. No need for tags. I have written up a thread about it. Also better than private messages Nodebb has instant messaging client.

  • Sorry Cal but Nodebb whatever does not see to every thing it does not pass the Steady Edward test when it comes to my Gravatar mug shot , i have my photos on Flickr as it is nice and easy to updown load stuff and size it as it is being posted on to forums but on here I cant upload my mug shot from Flickr , there is no where to insert the img code

    and where is this tutorial or destruction what ever about posting images ?? don't know why but on here in front of the pic I get the [img] and again after the pic , never had that before on any other site I use , it looks naff

  • Hello eddy. You do not even need to bother with img codes now mate. That is old hat technology. This is brand new whizz bang stuff.

    You simply find the photo you wish to upload. And paste it into the text area. Job done. No need to write image codes. No need to escape the text area. You just get the url to the picture. And paste it in. Simples.

    I get that it is different to what you are used to Eddy. But believe me when I say this is a million times better. I do this for a living I know what I'm talking about. This is so much more advanced than you know. This is the forefront of pioneering web technology. It is the latest and greatest and it is why we are running it.

    It also doesn't cost us a penny so that is a bonus.