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    Just a heads up, I've now setup our DT forum to run end to end encryption. Currently, and on our last forum, passwords and usernames are sent in clear text across the internet. Should anyone be watching this traffic, it would be spotted immediately.



    If this bothers you then you can now connect to It's routed to the same site, but now you all of your traffic will be encrypted, this means that your traffic will not be readable by any observer. This is well overkill for the a DT forum, but hey it's a easy thing to do and provides a layer of securirty.

    When you travel to you will be given a warning. This is because I didn't want to pay £100 or our site to be signed by a trusted party for 12 months.

    Believe it or not but you have to pay huge amounts of money to companies to do what I've done for nothing. The only problem is that I'm not trusted and therefore you have to manually add exception if you wish to use HTTPS.

    I won't go into detail about how the world wide web works, but if you do wish to make use of end to end encryption then add the exception to your computer and it won't warn you again.

    Hopefully this is of some use to people, I know I will enjoy using SSL.


  • So I have now enforced SSL using Let's Encrypt which should already be a trusted certificate authority.

    Enjoy End-to-End Encryption.

  • Good stuff

  • @Calum Since you activated this I am having major difficulties connecting to the froum with my tablet. I just keep getting a recurring message saying "Unable to connect to categories, which must be the home page? This happens virtually all the time now and some days I just can not connect at all, which sadly that is now the norm and not the exception. I guess it's because I'm connecting via Android aka a mobile connection and not the regular full web version? As I am unable to implement the tweaks you suggest.

    I'll hopefully have my PC rebuilt and running again very soon, but I'm sure that other members must be experiencing similar problems too? Which would suggest why the forum has been very quiet of late??? 😞

  • @CYBER-NINJA No the mobile site is identical in every way to the full version. The theme simply scales.

    Yeah you are not the only one having difficulties. I am having trouble replicating the issue my end.

    But eithee way I will have it sorted by the end of the weekend bud. Sorry

  • @Calum No rush bud, it seems a lot better today, as I'm able to connect OK. I suspect that this is due to a chrome update today? Obviously a compatibility issue or something along those lines? But I also have the mobile version of Adblockplus installed, which can also cause compatability issues as well.

  • @Calum I'm not sure what you changed, but I have had no trouble logging on for the past few days, top job dude!!! 👍

    And sooooooooooooo many more smileys now too!!! 🙂

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