• Hello,

    The forum software is becoming out of date, we are now two versions behind the current.

    For this reason I will be making some patches to it over the weekend so don't be surprised if you cannot access the forum.

    I will update this thread once the work has been carried out.


  • BUMP

    Wow, okay didn't think I would leave it this late.

    So the forum may be inaccessible this weekend as I attempt to update this site!

  • Sorry for the outages if you tried to get online.

    Forum software is now back up to date. Please post here if something is missing. Thanks.

    Oh I realise this breaks somethings. Such things are out of my control I'm afraid.

    But a problem with the old forum was it becoming stale and out of date, something I don't wish to happen here.

    Regards to @Arite for posting instructions on how to update this forum software as it's a bit of a mind field!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sorry about the last few hours!

    Was having trouble upgrading the forum software.

    All sorted now.

    Also fixed the CSS error there was a while back.

    There should be a few things missing that I will need to get around to fixing!

    All in good time.

  • looks better now with the upgrades

  • @mad73 Cheers. Wasn't playing ball when I wanted to upgrade so took longer than anticipated.