Yorkshire ride of rememberence

  • Gave the little stinker a run out last Sunday playing with the big boys on the rememberence ride it was a good day I put it up on the old site but but not sure which site people are supposed to be using these days as there doesn't seem to be much action on either , what's happening Cal ??

  • Glad someones riding their motorbike. I can't wait to put mine back together and ride it. Was watching some old vids last night remembering what good fun these bikes can be.

    So Eddy, I made a post saying I am no longer supporting that site. I no longer use that site. Seiki doesn't want anything to do with running the forum but I hope he sticks around and chimes in now and then.

    I told Seiki to stop paying for the activeboard some months ago. This site is now in full swing and is ready for people to sign up and blog.

    Whether people decide to do that or not is totally up to them. I like this forum and use it to blog so this site is staying.

    We just need people to use it.

  • Just sad that we seam to have lost it a bit at the moment as there doesn't seem to be posts going on either of the sites when not that long ago we had one well active site now we have two hardly used sites oh well forums do seem to have a shelf life a bit of a pity they need to be user friendly easy to find and easy to use and too many catogaries can be a no no and getting told off for every two mins for not being good at computer stuff is one BIG no no frightens people off all together , I have just left one site because of that and it's use has nose dived through heavy handed policing shame but there we go

  • The old site died a long time ago. And Seiki said it was never that busy, not really.

    This is a place where people interested in the DT can post up their thoughts and projects.

    If it's not busy then so be it. People sometimes need an outlet. And if you document your project here you can link people to it.

    I think the biggest game changer is Facebook. A lot of users prefer to do their forum time on Facebook.

    I think we have some quality members on here already Eddy. You may not have read some of the projects, but let me tell you this, they are equally as good as the projects on the old forum. And we will continue to grow. The difference is is that this site will not stagnate becaus I won't let it. Okay posts may be quiet. But I will keep on top of the updates etc. Which is why the old site had to go.

  • I have to admit that I have not been on as much as I would like due to family comitments, but I fully intend to spend a bit more time catching up over the winter months , I have retired from the Marshaling now and hope to spend some of the time I spent doing that to riding the bikes instead and tinkering , so will be using the site for the Dt tech stuff not that I need a lot of that at the moment as the little stinker is running well , just hope she stays that way for a while

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