• had forgoten about the move to this site Cal it had been that long ( sorry ) and when this was created I had not altered the book mark silly Old fool , but yes i did eventually part with the beloved little stinker some thing I at one time thought I would never do but times alter and she was not getting used and I wanted some finance for other things(big F off lens for the camera ) ,so let her go not with out some troubles , sold it and the bank transfer didnt go through and was left for a week till I got her back with no money and no bike but I got the bike bake and another young man came and bought it but this time cash in hand no messing , I have retired from the Marshaling need to spend more time with the Boss now that her disabilities are getting worse , we still go to some of the race meetings , was at Scarborough last week end am going to the IOM on Friday for the Southern 100 , we had a trip in the Bugilow up to Jock Scotch Land a month or so ago to do what they call the NC500 what a great trip that was, if any of you ever get chance to go look it up and have a go loads do it on bikes , well recomended , so toodle pip for now I will pop in from time to time to check up on you all , thanks for all your help , I would have stuggled without it cheers guys

  • Steady Eddy! Hey great to hear from you.

    Yes I'm sad you have parted with the stinker, but needs must.

  • I all ways end up regretting parting with bikes, but the Stinker was hard to part with as she was such fun , but to be just sat there not getting used was not good the other sad part was that I see it flying around with the young dude that bought it thrashing the nuts off it , knowing he is going to kill it , I just hope he doesn't kill him self in the process as she was full power and she had clean power smooth as could be , Oh here we go can I have it back ?? this lens had better live up to expectation or I will be sick , oh well time to drag out the next project to take my mind off it a C90 not sure how it will end up

  • @Steady-Eddy I would love a C90, they're starting to become a collectible themselves.

    You got any photos of the C90?

    Yeah, it always sucks parting with vehicles.