• I am bored with all this water out there , I was never a fair weather rider but this constant water up by hither is getting me down


  • The poor little Stinker hasnt been out for weeks and weeks now

    not a time to go to the IOM

  • Oh wow that's amazing.

    Keep your chin up Eddy the good weather is around the corner. But you might be out on your own with all of us still building our bikes.

  • Well first planed ride that will be done no other than snow and ice is for an easter egg run on the last weekend in March , but am hoping to sneak out for a ride long before that , but it is our 50th wedding anniversary next week so will be busy with the boss and the family but the forecast is not looking good so will just have to see how we go

    the ride out shot was one of the most emotional rides we have ever done , and we have done a few over the years sadly , it was in the IOM for Joey Dunlop , amazing they said at the time upwards of 5000 bikes took part , how accurate that was I wouldn't know

  • That is believable lol. Insane amout of people/bikes there.
    Happy anniversary then Eddy. Wow 50 years thats an achievement! You must have something special planned for that one?

  • Yes another 50 years will do nicely

  • Well we have had a great celebration week , we had a meal with family and friends on the Sunday then went to Centre Parks up near Penrith for 5 days with close family 8 of us and had a lovely time , so now we are back home and time to get on with life first job for me is to get in to the garage and have a sort out , get a load of rubish taken down to the tip , and make sum room at the moment there has been loads of stuff thrown out of the house and stored in the garage waiting to go and it has built up to the stage I have all on to get from one end of the garage to the other grrrr a bloody disgrace , wish me luck I may need it ,

  • What about now eddy. Weather is picking up a bit. No doubt you'll be getting the old stinker out!

  • @Calum you beet me to it Call was going g to put a post up tonight , tell you all about the little Stinkers latest adventure out playing with the big boys , we did a charity easter Egg run full story and a couple of pics later when I get on the whap top I can't do the pics from the phone , and am on that at the min latter latter look you over by hither

  • @Steady-Eddy Legend! Do it Eddy I look forward to it.

  • The little stinker loving life playing with the big boys , after what has felt like a long wet winter it was time to get out there for a play , and oh boy did we enjoy ourselves the little Stinker singing it song and its pilot with that big ear to ear stupid grin , we did the local Biker Cafe , Squires charity Easter Egg run which started at the Cafe at Sherburn in Helmet to Malton about a 45 mile run , the cafe is a 30 mile run for me to get there then the run home so all in it was a about a 110 mile ride out , and bike and man feel so much better for it , the ride home was fun I was with two friends one on a 1000 yam faser and a big yam custom job that is parked along side me in the first picture , and me being on the little Stinker they thought it had better be me leading the way ha ha ha fools took a wrong turn and ended up on a little back lane two strips of tarmac with a strip of gravel down the middle , no problem for the Stinker as you know all too well but with a 1700 cc cruiser two up and a 1000 Fasser two up I dont think they were best pleased , and then we ended up at a bridge that was closed but open to walkers and cyclists so it was decided we are cyclists Ok motorcyclists so why not have a look , well two ladders laid down side by side with a scaffold board on top of them did not look too inviting for the big boys , Stinker would have been away with it but seeing as I had got them in to this mess I had to try and save the day and get them back to civilisation well pop the Stinker on the sidestand lean it over quick swivel and thats me ready for the off 4 dirty looks that could kill 4 shunts each and 15 mins later we are on our way character building I call it , dont think they saw it that way Oh well think that could be the end of me leader of the pack days finished ,

  • This post is deleted!