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    @HOTSHOT-III thanks, I already emailed them, they say I can easily convert it to a 5 wire, was only asking because all the people here talking about a zeeltronic had a newer dtr than mine with a worse cdi, but if zeeltronic is better I will order one.

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    Well they had done superbly well...

    alt text

    I knew they need doing eventually. These were 10+ years old when I bought them and this has been my trusty steed for ~10+ years, once daily then stored for 4 years now just a weekend warrior.

    alt text

    Painless process to strip and rebuild and the kits are readily available on eBay.

    alt text

    All cleaned, rebuilt, new oil and refitted.

    alt text

    These are fully adjustable and I must admit, have just been on whatever setting they came with off the MX bike I bought them from. Since this is a road warrior, I've stiffened the suspension up a fair amount. I'll be interested in seeing how this now performs on the road!

    The last ride out I did ~70 odd miles, the handling was becoming very poor. So I'm looking forward to the next adventure on it.