Using a lot of 2 stroke oil after rebuild ?

  • Hi all
    just finished top end rebuild and fitting new power valve , so Good news bike is running and went for a quick 5 mile ride and even though running in it is a lot faster and power valve really makes a difference to bike.
    Bad news 2 stroke oil went down 4 inches from level of top up (pencil line) smoked like hell of course,,I have not touched oil pump so any clues to the problem would be helpful.

  • Oil pump could have failed. What caused you to do a rebuild in the first place?

    Your pencil line could have been incorrect or bike not level.

    Be sure to brim the 2T oil to the top. And repeat. If after a 5 mile ride it has used excessive amounts of oil then you have a problem.

    The bike should smoke a lot if you've done the rebuild correctly and used plenty of oil. It may take a while for the smoke to stop depending on how much oil was used. I use lots but my engines stand still for extended periods of time.

  • @Calum The bike had been stood for 1.5 years when I bought it and so after cleaning out tank , also doing a lot of simple maintenance like exhaust very loose from cylinder etc, it ran but badly seizing after 50 miles ( compression was low from the get go 75 psi),
    so Re-bore new piston and rings also power valve fitted as did not work when I got it, it did not even have an air filter when I bought it only 6500 miles but treated like a rented Pony as they say,
    But in the 50 miles I rode it before strip oil was not a problem, also I arked level with bike level and level dropped 4 inches in 4.5 miles, hence my question

  • @Leftyno1 so no. The bike shouldn't consume that much oil. The oil pump is a sealed system and either you will need a new one. Or premix.