3mb p 00 barrel and head

  • hi,ive managed to pick up a 3mb p 00 head and barrel.its supposed to have came off a tzr belgrada but ive no proof of this.im guessing the barrel is fine to put on my dt 4dl engine but not sure about the head.i would upload photos but its telling me they are too large.the only markings on the head is a small p on the side.can anybody tell me if i can use the head with this barrel or can i only use my 3mb 00 head![0_1507644267724_IMAG0943.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • @admiral323 alt text

    Aye lad, any P' Stamped Head and cylinder are 4DL production parts.

    You can run a 3MB head, but the 4DL head will have a better squish profile.

    The the timings are exactly the same, and you wont see any improvement below 8,000 Rpm.

  • @darty cheers for that appreciated

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