Pro taper bars and dep pipe

  • Hi guys how are you all doing?
    I know I was meant to show you all the DT RE I got but my brother had a bit of a accident on it, which left the dep pipe slightly dented and quite badly scratched along with the handlebars bent, I was planning on getting “PRO TAPER CONTOUR MOTOCROSS HANDLEBARS FAT BARS” and was wondering if they fit and if anyone has had experience with them. Also relating with the dep pipe is it possible to clean it up a bit? As in remove the scratches and the dent.

    Hope your doing well and when I get the bike back in nick I’ll show you I promise haha!

  • Yeah I am running Pro Taper Fat Bars myself.
    alt text

    They're lovely bars, but not everyone's cup of tea.

    The thing you need to be mindful of is that you need raisers on them to fit. And it will put a little bit more tension on the cables.

    But other than that yeah they're lovely.

    Yeah the DEP end can is ally, so it can be polished and buffed up. But depends how badly it is. They aren't that expensive new so if it's really bad you could consider freshing it up with a new one.

  • @calum
    Thanks for your reply Calum they do love awesome here are some pictures do the bars fit straight onto the normal bar mounts?

    I would send a picture of the damage however the files my phone takes are too large apperently

  • @natnice Just upload to imgur directly bud.

  • No you need bar risers mate.

    alt text

  • @natnice Pro Taper bars are lovely, I have my eye on a pair for my MX 125. There is not a lot of difference between them and Renthal fat bars, personally I feel the Pro Tapers are a better colour and have better bends to them. There's plenty on ebay up for grabs, just pick your preference and some matching riser clamps and you'll be good-to-go!!! 😉

  • @calum

    Gotcha here’s the damage sorry for the late reply and don’t mind the dirty pipe haha

  • @natnice Ah, I thought you meant end can.

    They are not aluminium and rust very quickly.

    You polish it up, but now that the metal has been exposed it will rust.

    Best bet, would be to have it painted and buff out the scratches at the same time.

  • @calum
    Yeah sorry should have been more specific and thanks for the advice will have a look at places near me who can do the job

  • @natnice What job. Spraying your exhaust. I'd imagine you with a bit of elbow grease

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