• I've recently had a full engine rebuild on my 2002 dtr and after the rebuild and around 400 very slow miles I've noticed that my clutch slips when I put the power on, so I changed the friction plates and put new oil in (putoline light gear oil) and adjusted the push rod and cable to suit but it's still slipping but not as bad?? Any suggestions on what the fix could be, new springs is the only possible thing I can think of atm??
    Any suggestions appreciated

  • Did you reassemble the clutch in the correctsequence.

    Are you using any special oil like castrol magnetec?

  • @calum yeah I've read the kick start conversion tutorial posted by yourself and the order was on that and I've used a light gear oil given to me by the guy who did the rebore work for me I think it's putoline or silkolene??

  • @mitch_350z Yeah, it's probably reacting with the clutch.

    I just use Castrol GTX 5W-30 Semi Synthetic. Other stuff just causes the clutch to slip.

  • @calum I've used this before in both my dt and yz and never had anything go wrong tho??