DT125RE Temperature light

  • So just been out on my bike for about 5 minutes and the red temp light just came on. Not too bright at first but got brighter and brighter. Ive been keeping a regular eye on the coolant, this hasn't dropped at all.

    A good 2 months ago it had barrel and head skimmed with a fresh gasket. Any ideas why this light would come on.

  • Faulty sensor. Is the barrel very warm, low on power, does it come on if the bike is just on idle.

  • I turned the bike off for about 30 seconds, turned it back on and let it idle and it was fine, the light was on for a good 3-4 mins beforehand though. Wasn't low on power at all, felt like it was running fine. Sensor was replaced a few months back when the old one snapped.

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