• So exactly how fast should a dt be? Mine has a dep big one full system, other than that standard, and yet it isn't much faster than a yammy yzf r125. Should a dt have much bottom end

  • Mines is pretty much standard but with a full dep system and its extremely fast the needle goes of the box with ease. I guess it just goes on the year and the amount of restrictions as I hear the newer ones have more restrictions in place so aren't as quick untill modded

  • As far as I know it's restricted, it's a 2004 dtre. Only restrictions I can find on Google are exhaust, manifold and cable behind zpeedo....

  • @DevonDtr Yeah I think that's all the restrictions that are on that model and once there all taken care of and you re-jet the carb you'll gain some more power! You could also try playing around with the sprocket sizes to get more top end out the bike by going up a few teeth on the front sprocket and down some on the rear and I hear changing the CDI makes a huge difference on these bikes and is the best money you can spend to gain more power so if your unhappy definitely look into those basic mods first 🙂

  • Not interested in top end really, it tops 80 on a good non windy day: )

  • @DevonDtr That's actually decent then if it's still restricted haha 👍🏻. Has your friends bike got any mods done to it as I'd imagine your bike should still be quicker than a 125 4/

  • Nope, it's brand new and he weighs 15 stone. I only weigh 12 and mines marginally quicker

  • Hmm weird! I know a few people with 125 4/ bikes and they can't get close to my bike although one friend has a Yamaha wr125 supermoto that's been fitted with a big bore kit and some other mods and that will keep up with my DT but accelation wise my bike destroys it lol must be because my bikes older 1997 it's full power it will happily sit behind my cousins YZ 125 and acceleration wise it isn't far behind it

  • It should piss all over the yzf r125.

    You're confusing.

    You say its got a dep and a big one full system.

    Which is it. You can't have both.

    You either have a big one full system.

    Or a dep.

    Or do you mean you have a big one expansion chamber and a dep end can.

    Even as stock the dt should destroy the r125. I remember kids around me having one back in the day. Unless they got a whole lot faster!

    The DT isn't a pocket rocket though. They are just an all round good two stroke. Get something like an rs that will make 250 four strokes look silly.

  • So it's a big one expansion and tail pipe, just had dep sticker (my bad)

  • @DevonDtr Fair enough.

    Yeah these bikes are easy enough to derestrict. But mine was restricted and it was far superior than a YZF R125. But I hear really bad things about the Big One Pipe!

  • Yeah I wanted an fmf full system but they are Mega bucks. Next month she in again for another batch of goodies so hopefully I will see better performance

  • @DevonDtr didn't realise fmf did a system.

    I have done them all.mate. Best bang for buck is to get yourself a Zeeltronic ignition system mate. So much more power.

  • Apparently they do, or so I got told by local mx shop 😀

  • @DevonDtr I've been looking into exhaust systems for a DTR SM project I'm currently building up at the moment but it seems the FMF system isn't official from what I've been reading. A ktm 125 FMF system can be made to fit the dt's with some modification there's a few videos on YouTube with dt's using them.

  • @Biker_123 makes sense. KTM did a model with dtr engine in. So would make sense a pipe exists for it.

  • This zeeltronic system, I found the site but can't find a price, are they expensive?

  • @DevonDtr Last time I enquired about just the unit alone it was £220. You do kind of need the handheld programmer, they are really helpful. They were £60 :L

  • @DevonDtr i went directly to Yamaha and got mine for 160. But he bought mine in bulk.

    Could give them a bell and ask Yamaha Skellerns a ring and ask.

  • I got a yam dealer close so I will pop in and ask 🙂 is it a massive differenc for the price?