• So, every garage and forum has said different, hopefully you dt guys can help. When i acclerate its fine until powerband, where there is probably a 2 second gap, and then feels like somethings tight, ie doesnt want to move, then pv kicks in Powervalve is lined up, top end is good, it has full big one system, not jetted for it, but iwas told that upjetting would upset the carb and ruin performance. Oh if this helps, when started and on choke it dies, and for first mile or so, and you accelerate it bogs down, like its rnning out of fuel

  • You need to make sure the powervalve is actually turning the correct way. It could be rotating thw wrong way round. If the cables are not connected the right way it will do funny things.

    Best way to test this it to pin it open and disconnect the power.

    Get the carb settings to factory 240 main jet.

    Can get the oyher settings for you.

  • Its rotating correct way, and does all its sequences smoothly. It almost feels like its squeezing, the throttle response goes dull for those few seconds. Carb wise, been reading up on getting settings right so thats sundays job