• Picked this up last month after passing my A2, surprisingly its not as quick as i thought it would be. non the less still lots of fun


  • Suzuki DRZ Nice.

    Congrats on passing the A2 my laddo! Joining the big boy ranks with the rest of us I see 😄

    Welcome back to the forum!

    Good to hear from you 🙂

  • very nice ,, how does the new law work now with the a1 and a2 can u still have a r6 or something restricted to 33bhp still or do u have to go with one of the new 250 or 300cc bikes as my son is coming up to 19 in a couple of months and wants to take his test and not sure what he can ride after that

  • yeh you can have a r6 but it has to be a certian year. it has to be under 97bhp and restricted 50% at that bhp. you can have the mt 07 and the z800 on the new a2 licence

  • You could also have something, you know, decent. Like an RS250.

  • nice il tell him that,,,,, my last fzr600 was 33bhp when I bought it , went better than I thought it would just wouldn't rev past 8000 just when it starts coming in to the power soon ripped that out the carbs