• Gearbox Bearings For Yamaha DT125R

    Here they are:

    Sprocket Bearing - 6304

    Clutch Primary Drive Bearing - 6204ZZ

    Balancer Shaft Big Bearing - 6302

    Balancer Shaft Smaller Bearing - 6203

    Secondry Drive Small Bearing - 6202

    Just copy and paste these values into the search box on: http://www.simplybearings.co.uk

    My advice is to upgrade the lot of the bearings. Go for the Shielded Koyo Bearings. For the sake of £25 it's well worth buying decent materials

    Thanks slob for finding them for me 🙂


    This was a post by tunertom on the last forum. All credit goes to him for posting this.
    I can confirm these are the correct bearing sizes and have used them on my builds.
    Thanks for the post!