• So went on a ride, all good for few minutes and felt a wobble. Pulled into garage, which didnt have air pump so i had to use tyre repair foam. Noticed while i did this that the foam came out of the wheel under the valve, and a few of the spoke nipples. Still cant get it pumped up 😞

  • Yes they are tube tyres mate. So it's not a tyre that provides the seal but an innertube. Tyre foam won't be of any use to you.

    Would have to ride it on the flat to get it home.

    I was always getting punctures. Couple of tyre levers and puncture repair kot. Easy enough to fix on the cheap.

  • Another thing to fix lol never had puncture without an actual hole tho

  • @DevonDtr Yeah but at least this could happen on any vehicle!

    I got so used to doing tyre changes that punctures were the norm.

    I had so many puncture repair kits on my DT that eventually it was the seam that split lmao!

    Deadly now that I think about it. A blow out down the dual carrige way could have ended really badly!