Not a new owner, had my DT125R for years!

  • Not a new owner, had my DT125R for years...just thought it may be appreciated by one of you and go to a good home...located in Portsmouth Area. I had to put it under general discussion as unable to post in Market place lack of privileges...story of my life!!! Thanks for reading!

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    @dinkydong The lack of privileges is because I don't take commission on you people using my site, instead I merely ask that users contribute to it.

    If you want to sell your wares, then you must build up a relationship with the forum, or sell it on GumTree or eBay or BikeTrader.

    Sorry it sounds harsh, but if I let you sell your bike on here, then I open the gates up to every man and their dog taking advantage of my good nature.

    And that's no disrespect, that's just how it is.



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