• Just wondering if a flywheel and generator from a 3BN will be compatible with a 4BL engine 🤔?the engine I took them from the generator/stator thingy was attached to the flywheel cover but on the other engine "4BL" I want to fit them on the generator was behind the actual flywheel and not attached to the cover hmm probably a stupid question but I'm still learning and hopefully this makes sense 🙂

  • I don't know exactly. But I once put a dtre flywheel on a 1993 4DL engine which was fitted the same way, but different.

    If it goes on the same way then possibly

  • It's a weird one guess I can only try! The parts more or less look the same its just on the other engine the stator was bolted on to the flywheel cover and the flywheel is facing the other way round when in comparison to the 4BL engine. Funny enough the stator seems to line up and mount onto the 4BL just fine so hoping if I just turn the flywheel the other way round and torque it down it'll all work 🙂 if not will need to find 4BL stator and flywheel as the ones I removed from the 4BL are ruined and the flywheel is missing those magnets that attach to it and rusted to pieces hence trying these parts

  • @Biker_123 No it won't work then. If the flywheel was mounted the other way then the taper on the crank will be different

  • @Calum thanks 👍🏻 do you think I could still get away with using the stator pack from the other engine even though the flywheel is not going to work on the 4BL ?

  • @Biker_123 That I don't know. Provided the static angle is the same I don't see why not. The coils are there to generate electricity so there should be no reason for them not to work...If you can mount it