• Last month I picked up a dtr125 project just to learn more about the bike with the aim of putting it on a daylight mot to use in the summer and get some off roading done on it! It came with boxes of parts and 2 engines and enough spares to keep my other DTR SM going if needed I got it for £350 and was quite chuffed with myself as I know the frames themself with paper work go for crazy money on eBay some I've seen sell for £350 £400 Anyway just when I thought I couldn't top that bargain tonight I came across a guy selling another dt125r 2002 model with green slip and old mot slips so it can quite easily be put back on the road and to make things better the bike runs but very poorly and its only really missing the lights and wiring loom which I have spare from a box of parts I got with the £350 quid bike so anyway in the end i decided to buy it and to my amazement he let it go to me for £125 and I got 2 spare engines with it ones from a tdr he said and the others an re engine it has no kick start 😃 l also got x2 spare carbs,plastics,seats,supermoto forks,various bits and pieces and he even thrown in the Haynes manual which made me grin as I've been meaning to buy one lol. Looks like I'll have 2 DTR projects on the go now this one I'll be keeping original but if anyone needs any parts chances are I'll have it ..anyone agree I got a bargain?

  • Very nice. Just be cautious whether they are hot or not. That would be my concern.

    Sounds good though.

  • @Calum That's what I was worried about but the frame number matches the mot certificate and I checked the reg on the dvla website and it's currently sorned so looks good 😃 forgot to check the engine number though will check tomorrow though

  • @Biker_123 wow, frame numbers the crucial one. Seeing as my bikes and cars have had different engines in their lifetime. Sorry engines pack up. If the frame numbers are legit then engines can be swapped out.

    You could see to profit from these if you play your cards right.

  • @Calum Excellent looks like It'll be ok then! Was ready to kick myself there for not checking the engine number lol. Wonder how much I could sell the spare engines for? they seem complete and really clean ,no idea if there running but would be good to sell them and get a profit to buy that wr200 engine from eBay with the cash to save me buying it next month

  • if u were going to throw 1 together for a quick sale I might be interested don't have to look good mishmash parts as long as it ran

  • @mad73 I'm currently building up one at the moment so could let you know when it's finished! It'll be getting put on a daytime mot though if that would make any difference! So far the frames been cleaned up and painted,tanks been painted,new panels have I cut them at the rear as I'm supermoto it! Bottom end of the engine had been fully rebuilt new bearings and seals my cousins a mechanic and done the bottom end just need to get the cylinder rebored with new piston and rings and a few other bits and bobs like Hpires graphics which I've ordered and I'll be selling it 😎 <a href="http://s1308.photobucket.com/user/Biker_123/media/Mobile Uploads/image_zpsnughctbj.jpeg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1308.photobucket.com/albums/s612/Biker_123/Mobile Uploads/image_zpsnughctbj.jpeg" border="0" alt="Dt125sm project photo image_zpsnughctbj.jpeg"/></a>

    That's how it stands at the moment if the picture loads still lots to be done

  • @Biker_123 seriously go and read the post on how to correctly load photos. It's not that difficult.

  • if u copy the direct link on photobucket it will display the pic that's what I used

  • I'm not looking to spend buckets of money, want something tatty as I will strip and rebuild , not in any rush end of april would be good for me as need to get a few bills out the way first

  • not to bothered about body work either as I will buy new just the tank

  • @Calum Sorry I've already read it mate but on my iPhone the only way I can get any links is to select the picture,click share then it gives me 4 different links which are supposedly direct,I selected the one for websites/forums and when that didn't work I tried the other 2 will try again later on the PC.

  • @mad73 No problem well the plastics are immaculate as is the fuel tank etc this might not be the right bike if your looking for one to strip down and rebuild again though as I've stripped it down and had parts cleaned and painted etc. I'll try get some pictures up here soon of it but it's got a nice set of gold USD forks going on it and a WR200 swing arm it'll look great when finished 😃

  • @Biker_123 you should be able to press and hold on the image and select copy image location.

    If you are on Photobucket then you simply need to copy the direct link and paste that in.

    I do most of my work from my phone so know it's perfectly possible.

    You're not the only one it seems everyone is having problems. Odd because it's simpler thsn ever. No need to use bb code or forum specific syntax. Just paste the url into the text area and then you're done.

    If you want to see if it renders correctly you can see a preview if you do it on yhe computer.

  • sounds nice il wait for the pics , il be looking for a black frame and black body work but u never no might change my mind

  • @mad73 the frames been done black but tank and fairings are white it does look nice though! The other road legal DT project I bought a few nights ago has a black tank and fairings! I'll be keeping that in non supermoto form I'll be having the frame powder coated and the tank power coated black as its in dire need of it and I'll do the panels and other bits and bobs! Engine runs but it has a blown head gasket so leaking coolant but while I'm taking care of that I'll just put a new top end in there to it'll probably be up for sale after the summer though as I want to use it for a bit first 😃

    http://i1308.photobucket.com/albums/s612/Biker_123/Mobile Uploads/image_zpszmjghvet.jpeg

    Direct photo bucket link of the black bike via my iPhone hope it works if not will try on PC later

  • http://i1308.photobucket.com/albums/s612/Biker_123/Mobile Uploads/image_zps7ivrcqin.jpeg

    The white one! They don't look like much at the moment but believe me they will be decent when finished ! Glad I can put pictures up now finally 😃

  • will look nice but I'm looking for something to use off road really even thou I would like to have all supermoto bits so I could swap over if I wanted , also looking to get 1 b4 summer kicks in as my 750 is in bits and prob wont get that on the road this year so really I'm looking for a scabby dt that I can mess up till my 750 is back on the road then I would pull the dt apart but all things change so il keep and I out for wot your doing ,

  • @mad73 no probs mate 🙂

  • I want a pair of cut side panels like the white one to see what it looks like on mine 😊