• This is a giannelli front pipe right? How could he have made it so shiny?. It's like the shinyness from DEP combined with the shape from giannelli :smiling_face_with_heart-eyes:

  • @bananper It's either been chromed or he's polished the crap out of it? From memory Giannelli pipes were not sold polished or chromed by the factory, more of a raw factory look. So my guess would be that it's been chromed and then polished up. Lighting and camera angles also play a big factor in photo's too.

  • @bananper looks to me like he adores polishing. Have you seen the engine? Too much time on his hands. I tried to polish my vespa casings. I eventually managed to smooth out the sand-cast like imperfections all over with a rotory polishing tool and dremel then just gave up. No patience for aesthetics here unfortunately. Thankfully the other half is starting to love sanding! Got a few jobs for her already lined up. Next i just have to get her in to painting!

  • Can you find the link again, Does not lead to any specific DT on sale.