• hi all im looking at a replacement frame for my dt125r , the chap says the bike he has there for breaking was bought from a farmer who used it as a field bike.

    however ive been told the frame numbers are all intact although he doesnt hold a v5 for it.

    my main question is whats the process on getting a reg plate sorted?

  • @tdrgreg2 i recently bought a dtx without log book you can just apply for a new v5c online its £25 would help if you had the reg plate to do a reg check I'm not sure if you can do that off a frame number

  • cheers mate, yeah im afraid theres no plate 😞 does anyone know of a service i can run the frame numbers through?

  • If its a genuine Yamaha UK bike its easy to tell upto 96/97 ish as the frame number on UK bikes will start either 3DB on very early 88/89 bikes or 3MD late 89 on till the 4BL from 97 ish till the 99 onward 17 digit vin numbers these are the same on imports but UK bikes have a white vin plate sticker, imports tend to have a riveted alloy vin plate thats one way to tell on 99 onward. If your frame is a UK one just take a photograph of the frame number and email it to Yamaha customer services explaining the bike has been off the road for a long time used as a field bike and the logbook and reg plate have long disappeared. If its a genuine UK frame number they will give you the reg number for it via return email it does not cost anything either then you can just apply for the logbook.

  • @stinkwheeler said in the no log book chestnut:

    @tdrgreg2 i recently bought a dtx without log book you can just apply for a new v5c online its £25 would help if you had the reg plate to do a reg check I'm not sure if you can do that off a frame number

    You can do a check on the vin number with HPI or Experian but only if you have a trade account and if its registered it will bring up the reg number. Any car dealer could do it if you slip them a few quid I would think.

  • @scrimsmustang said in the no log book chestnut:

    Yamaha customer servic

    so im assuming then that the frame is imported as it has the alloy plate and the 4bl code? which would lead me where in terms of getting it registered. many thanks in advance 🙂

  • You will need a dating certificate to register the bike once it is built up and mot,d if you dont have the foreign logbook, then you will need to check to see if its on the nova system. If its not you will need to put it on the system so dvla can check the nova refrence number. Yamaha uk will charge you 50 quid for a dating certificate, i can get them for 30 if you go this route. To get the dating certificate you need to provide 4 clear pictures left and right side of the bike, frame number and engine number. These pictures also need to go with the dating certificate to dvla.

    So what you need to register an import with no foreign documents is as follows.

    Nova sorting
    Dating certificate
    4 pictures

  • To clear it up to register if you have a European logbook you need

    European logbook
    No pictures

  • The last NOVAs I did, HMRC didn't pass it. They emailed 2 days later requesting a receipt from the previous owner abroad and proof of its age.
    Of all the stigma people try and attach to the simple process of registering a legit imported bike with papers there are some genuine hurdles that nobody seems to know about.

    To clear it up, for an EU Bike over 10 years old with or without papers you need:

    1. Nova applied for online and a receipt and proof of age, either foreign logbook or dating certificate at the ready incase they email you.
    2. MOT
    3. V55/5 filled in and sent with the dating certificate if you didn't have logbook.

    Also, I've not heard this being done with an EU bike but a non-EU bike can be valued in writing at a dealer if you don't have a receipt.
    (Non EU bikes held by private buyers need to fill in the C384 form and email it to Belfast)

    For private owners it's worth joining the VJMC for various discounts and get the dating certificate for £25, but they seem to do pre 98 bikes only.

    There are people on Facebook who can get a UK reg number for a smallish fee from the frame number of a UK bike.