• I have a DT 125 and would like to know a bit more about it.
    I think it is about 1985 - it has the proper monoshock rear suspension with the linkage but has a drum brake on the rear, I don't think it has ever had an exhaust power valve fitted (the valve part is there but fixed fully open) the exhaust runs down the left side.
    The frame number begins 10R and the engine number 35A .
    Can someone tell me more precisely when it was made and what model it is?
    What horsepower should it be?
    Thanks, Ray

  • Sounds like a mk2 dt125 LC. These predate the r and re's. They don't run the same engines as the later models.

    The MK3 LC ran front and rear discs.

    They were actually quite rapid. I believe they ran 5 port barrels.

  • Do you know the years/months when the mk2 was made - one thing about the Japanese is they never sit back and say "oh thats a good one we'll keep making it like that"
    Am I correct going for 1985?
    It certainly has lots of ports in the barrel - I can't check just now as I dropped it off with the man to be rebored last night.

  • I am not familiar with the LC'S I am afraid. I know that the last model span 87-88.

    The mk1 got to be early 80's which leaves the middle of the decade for the mk2. That is at a guess. So it's possible that it could be a very late mk1.

    Again I am not the person in the ask in this respect.

  • The thing is I am confused by the whole "lineage" of DT's
    I know that they stemed from the air cooled 125, 175 and 250 (I had a DT250 about 35 years ago, best bike I ever had) then I guess they went to LC in about 1980 but the variants after that are a mystery to me, is there a chart or anything to show the variations?

  • whats the frame number start with could prob get it from that . the mk1 rd125lc started 10w might b the same for the dt

  • The frame no. begins 10R

  • having a guess id say its a mk1 lc any pics of the bike

  • Mad73,
    From your earlier link of model-prefix no's I found it about a third of the way down, it is actually a 35A (I was looking at the wrong number) so as they seemed to have only made red ones in 86 - thats it, a DT125LC 1986.
    It does not say Mk1 or 2 but I presume it is MK2, I think it must be the very last to have a drum on the back.
    Thanks, Ray

  • sounds about right to me mk2 , glad u found it out type of thing that would bug me