• My exisiting (but damaged) engine case is labelled 3BN 02. I have a lovely pair of 2nd hand cases to swap them out with. However, the replacement case is 3BN 00. Is this a number that signifies a difference in the case design or simply to line up with manufacturing year etc?


  • What year are we talking about?

    DTRE engines are not compatible with DTR engines.

    So anything post 2004 is RE and pre 2003 is R.

    The top ends are interchangeable, but the stator plate is mounted differently between years.

  • The current engine is dtr 1997. So the 00 model case should fit?

    Thanks Callum really helpful

  • @jamesdowning Yeah shouldn't be a problem as far as I'm aware. Be interested in seeing why they changed the numbers.

    It might be to do with the fact they changed the plant from Japan to Spain....

  • Yeah not sure why, ive seen 2nd hand cases labelled 3BN 00, 01 and 02. Maybe its the place of manufacture, or just subtle changes in materials or something? Ive noticed the 00 case has a couple of shallower indents on the outside of the case, and a couple of radius corners are subtly different. Could be a different manufacturer