Lower mono shock bolt stuck any ideas?

  • So I decided to do a quick mock up test of the YZ rear shock I'm planning to fit on one of the project bikes and decided to try it out using one of the spare frames I have so I started removing the stock shock from the frame and off came the top shock to frame bolt easy enough and then I proceeded to the lower shock to linkage bolt and off came the nut no problems but the actual bolt won't come out 😳 it turns around no problem but just won't come out! I've tried everything even heated it up and smacked it with a hammer and nope it won't come through the hole . Anyone have any ideas on how to remove this or is there something I'm missing? I noticed the bolt has a centre hole but weither that has anything to do with it or not I've no idea! Have attached an image of this helish bolt .
    http://i1308.photobucket.com/albums/s612/Biker_123/Mobile Uploads/image_zpsvk4ukqs3.jpeg
    Not the clearest of pictures but hopefully you'll see what I mean .

  • Soak it in Coke Cola for 24 hours. Full fat stuff.

    I haven't done it personally but Nev off the old forum used to do it. He knew his stuff.

    I use heat, plus gas and time

  • @Calum Thanks will give it a try as the things doing my head in I've gave up for now ,hopefully this bolt on the bike the shocks going into isn't messed up like this

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