• having had 2 x KMX 200's the kips system didn't make the same noise as the RD 350 ypvs ,So does the ypvs system on a DT make one if fitted ?

  • But the 350 is a twin cylinder system right. Where as the KTM was only a single cylinder.

    I think the KIPS and YPVS at full chat sound similar. But the KIPS is a different design than the YPVS. Very clever design too. Not sure if it actually works, but clever theory none the less.

  • I don't think the kips system sounds at all like the ypvs on a DT personally, the main thing that put me off a kmx was the whiny sound they make, but that's just my opinion. I've got a couple reasonable sounding videos on my YouTube where you can hear the engine quite well on my DT, will link later if I get a chance

  • I've owned, the RDs DT125 and KMX200 in their hay days, and I wasn't ever sure that the KIPS was working, whereas the Yamaha system felt like it was doing something. Having a DT125R, has reinforced (rose tinted specs perhaps) the conclusion that the Yam system is better. We never had a Suzook dealer that close to us so I've never ridden a TS200 (250?) or smaller capacity RG(V) though I've ridden both the RD500 and RG500 back to back and the RG was the much better bike.

  • @Bluestoesonnose The KIPS is somewhat different to the YPVS.

    It's not just about opening the exhaust port IIRC. Long time since I read this.

    But it's to do with an auxillary exhaust port chamber and sound frequencies (or air pressures) to force fuel and air back into the exhaust chamber at lower RPMs. At higher RPMs, the KIPS is no longer necessary since the port duration is much shorter. It's Japanese at their best. Coming up with innovative solutions.

    I think it's a comparable solution to the Yamaha Energy Induction System. Haven ridden with and without YEIS, I couldn't tell you the real world difference. I think that's probably somewhat true for the KIPS.

    Don't quote me on that, and be sure to shoot me down if that's wrong. I felt like I had read it somewhere many years ago.

  • when you turned the key on my RD's the ypvs would happily whizz away but on the KMX's there was no sound. As the DT's I have had had no working ypvs on them just the peg open or shut, so just wondered if they were the same as the twins.!

  • @ringo67 KIPS Runs off the gearbox. Ypvs runs off a servo