Has anybody got a 3mb00 cylinder for sale?

  • I was told my top end was rebuild when i bouggt my bike but had no recipts (silly move)after four days of enjoying my first dt as I came to a round about at a normal pace I dropped a gear and it bogged and died,wouldn't fire back up walked her home whipped the head carb off and cleaned it
    out tried again no joy,had a bright blue spark so had to be compression. New spark plug and a bump start later and it fired but wasn't healthy so whipped the head off and discovered the rings had melted to the piston (shitty pro x piston) ordered a new Makita one but am now left with a scrapped barrel which I would say is too far gone to fix the piston chewed it to shit. So looking for a standard cylinder in good shape to get me back going

  • Prox are a good make, better than Mitaka (Not Makita lol they make tools). That Prox was likely to be a forged aluminium one, which is far superior than the cast ones supplied by Mitaka. But I ran Mitaka for years without any issues.

    Rings don't just melt, there is definitely something wrong here and I would check this out before throwing a fresh piston and barrel out it.

    Often you'll find it'll be down to fueling, lubrication and the like.

    I find on forged components that the piston ring end gap is left for the user to spec out, so be sure you do that prior to fitting it all together.

  • Imo prox are on par with mitaka rings shouldn’t melt even if you had an eBay special 20 pound piston

  • ![0_1550668121362_1550668075146-177668385.jpg](Uploading 92%)

  • @jayz86 you need to wait till it says 100 before uploading the pic

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