I'm back (with latest DTR)

  • Excuse the TZR in the foreground (still looking for the better pics before it went back in garage)

    A nice low miler for my collection. Been trying to import one with as few miles as possible, so I wont have to restore now (loads of work on other bikes to do)

    Picked this up personally from near the Italian/Swiss border with my sons. If I can hold on to it it will be good memories for them, even though weather was crap and spoilt the views.

    alt text

    we took the train from Kanderstag through the mountains. Stayed in 3 hotels after starting in Belgium. Knackering trip in a short space of time.

    alt text

    This is the bike it will be replacing, doesn't show in photo but has a few niggly cosmetic jobs needed. 1988 model which would be my preference to match most of my other bikes. The Black/Blue one is 1990.

    alt text

  • So despite the very low miles. I'm going to be looking for a NOS Blue seat cover or at least the strap if anyone has any tip offs.

    NOS decals and carry rack would be nice too.

  • That looks lovely. I really like the classic black and red vibe

    TZR looks smart to? Is that yours. Whose is the RD and the blue DT looks nice also!

  • They are all my bikes and all duplicates for now....easier to keep looking/buying over here in Europe than restoring to mint, and cheaper!
    I've been collecting since 2003 when these bikes already seemed quite old, add another 15 years, wow where's the time gone.....A little bit of a pension sorted anyway. Loads of regrets not buying certain bikes over the years and I remember them all, originally too expensive when I was skint not working, then eventually not enough space. Mint blue DT200R for 1500 euros in Belgium back then. Several CRM125 cheap. My TS250X was only 800 euros about 4 years ago.

    These came out of the garage when the sun finally appeared the other day to have a tidy up and get an RD on my new Sky-lift ( I'm getting old) which is an excellent piece of kit. I sold a vintage exhaust on ebay for nice money so didn't feel guilty.
    I would never keep this many bikes in England though, let alone publish them.

    alt text

    alt text

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