520 pitch sprockets from YZ 125 - which fit?

  • Hi!
    I'm about to replace the chain kit on my 1995 DT 125R, and want to do the 520 pitch upgrade - I know people are fitting sprockets from an earlier YZ 125, but from which years can I fit?

  • I knew it was 2004 front sprockets 520 fit. But that era of YZ runs 428.

    If you go to B&CExpress they sell the 520 conversion kit. That's what I bought

  • @Calum I wanted some options in ratios, so that's why I didn't just order a complete kit - did some research and learned that following JT sprockets fit:

    Front - JTF 564 (for an example, JTF 564.13 is a 13 tooth 520 sprocket)
    Rear - JTR 853 (for an example, JTR 853.50 is a 50 tooth 520 sprocket)

    Thought this might be helpful.

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