• Hi guys,

    I ruined my carb on my Dt125x 05. The air mixture screw was seized and try’d using an easy out.

    It did not easy out and I made a right cock up of it.

    I’m looking at replacing the carb but the original was a MIKUNI running a 240 main jet. The carb did not have a model number on it.

    I’m looking at the mikuni VM28-418 (TM28) will this fit a Dt125x???

    Any recommendations on replacement carbs will be much appreciated. I was also looking at Nibb racing carbs ?

    Thanks guys !

  • @Mike1992
    I'm having success with a Polini PWK 32mm on my DT, runs good with supporting mods but ideally you want to get a programmable ignition if going up to this size of carburetor, as you won't see too much gain. My RE with romeu exhaust, airbox cutout, reads etc ran good with it and had more torque over standard but didn't see an extreme speed difference, however my piston rings were pretty gone and bike was low compression. Original jetting the carb came with was well out and the needle was wrong, took me alot of time and money setting it up to work with the DT, happy to pass on the current good basepoint for it if anyone off here needed it
    . Fuel consumption was extreme compared to standard carb too, with +1t on the front on long runs I would average 80mpg with some acceleration and cruising 60-70mph on standard carb with 250 main jet, however I'm guessing around 30mpg currently with the Polini.
    Long story short, can't really get much better carburetor than standard without supporting mods ie programmable ignition
    I have a pretty much brand new standard carburetor sitting in my shed off an 03 engine, this things done nothing and is a thing of beauty, was tempted to put it on my new engine but going for big power so keeping the Polini. Was gonna keep it as a backup but might be tempted to sell if a good offer came up, none of the bolts have ever been touched or undone, checked mixture screw and it's nice and free. Probably would want bowl and passageways cleaned which I would do but it's just too clean to touch haha.

  • @Glynn123

    Hi Glynn thanks for your reply and feedback!

    I would be very much interested in the carb if you still have it! If so can you send me a few photos to wilsonmichael1992@gmail.com

    Much appreciate and look forward to your reply!